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AOTM Residency
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Beckoning for Closeness
Exhibition at DADAA, 2021

Artists: Mayma Awaida, Tony Sarre

Undermining the foundations of the 'visual' arts, Blindness lends itself to a deeply embodied reading of space. Through this experience, echoes, voices, and light have expansive potential beyond simply creating an atmosphere: they generate important microcosms of information which contribute to the energy of a place.


Beckoning for closeness explores the physicality of sound through multiple audio circuits within the gallery, each representing a unique facet of blind navigation including, diegetic sound, description, and conversation. Uniting aural, tactile, and visual mediums, the work invites visitors to attune their senses and engage withattentiveness and consideration.


Beckoning for closeness is Mayma Awaida and Tony Sarre's first exhibition, produced in collaboration with Tom All um and Lincoln Mackinnon, and expands on their previous audio piece, Rethinking the Image which was commissioned by Perth Festival 2021, and later developed through an artistic residency at Art on The Move.


Image Credits: Duncan Wright


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