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The Great Reveal
Group Exhibition at Lawson Flats, 2023

To celebrate the opening of Lawson Flats and its related gallery and project space, The Great Reveal is a sprawling exhibition that brings together over 40 women and gender diverse artists who live and work in Western Australia. 

The exhibition's focus makes reference to the former use of the Lawson Flats site by the Karrakatta Club, a private member's club for women, established in 1894, centred around principles of engagement, advocacy and the championing of issues of social justice of specific relevance to women. Continuing this spirit of community and participation, Lawson Flats reimagines the idea of a private member's club for a new era. The Great Reveal invites the public to step into an iconic city building, historically accessible to only the Karrakatta Club members, and to witness the fledging new beginnings of a reinvigorated social club.

Image Credits: Olivia Senior



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