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Objectivity & Language: The power of empathy in audio description
Commissioned by Perth Festival 2020, as part of the Visual Arts Writing Group 2019

Co Writers / Producers: Mayma Awaida, Tony Sarre

How do we communicate with each other? How can we subvert the ocular centricity of the “visual” arts? How can we create audio descriptions that are about more than accessibility, that are about further and more meaningful understanding, that are about enriched connection? 

In Objectivity & Language: the power of empathy in audio description Mayma Awaida and Tony Sarre discuss the language of audio description in the context of John Prince Siddon’s All Mixed Up at Fremantle Art Centre. Mayma and Tony question the didactic way that audio description represents exhibitions and instead argue for the inclusion of abstract and speculative as well as literal narrations. This is the first in a multi-part series in which they will examine disability culture and the arts within a Perth-specific context.

This work was commissioned as part of the  inaugural Perth Festival Visual Arts Writing Group 2019, which was convened by Semaphore editor Kelly Fliedner. Objectivity & Language is presented in association with the 2020 Perth Festival.



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