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Tony Sarre x Mayma Awaida

Tony is a Blind, Australian film-maker, artistic director, writer, and facilitator, whose current body of work centralises accessibility in and within the arts. With collaboration at the heart of his practice, Tony's work interrogates how to treat audio description as a complex and evolving language, imbued with narrative flair.

Mayma and Tony have been ongoing collaborators since 2018, with their work expanding across filmic, aural, written, and participatory mediums.

In the last year, Tony along with his co-director, has completed production of his short film 'Turning to White' - with intention for later expansion into The Roadhouse Blues - and concurrent behind-the-scenes documentary, Beyond the Blues. He is now driving a disability-led podcast initiative which seeks to position individuals with disability as creative agents of their own content. In partnership with Arts Access Victoria and DADAA, Tony is currently employed as the artistic director for Perth's second biennial The Other Film Festival, as well as an active member on the Diversity Committee at Screenwest.


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