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The Other Film Festival WA 2021


In continued partnership with Arts Access Victoria, DADAA Fremantle will host its second biennial The Other Film Festival, in February 2021, Australia's first international disability film festival dedicated to the social and artistic transformation for people with disabilities, the communities in which they live, and the arts-sector in which they aspire to participate without barriers.

Through appointing a visually-impaired director at the heart of the program's curation, this project intends to create an expansive platform for political and social expression, which is grounded in the lived experience and knowledge coming directly from our disability disadvantaged community.

The Other Film Festival
Perth Festival
Arts Access Victoria

[Images: Top left, 'The Other Film Festival' logo, top right, 'DADAA' logo; bottom left 'Perth Festival' logo; bottom right, 'Arts Access Victoria' logo]

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